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At Montage Systems we are committed to excellence and the goal of improving the use of technology in healthcare.


We try hard to understand your requirements and expectations.


We commit to spending time on detail. Solutions are only developed once we fully understand your problem and goals. We test and retest.


We don't leave you in the lurch. We have been around for over 20 years and intend to stay around.

Purveyors of fine e-health solutions

Montage reaches 21 years

August 2020

Montage is now over 21 years old. We thought it time for a spring clean & facelift.

Eric Browne

Eric Browne

Managing Director

Based in Adelaide, South Australia.
Pragmatic yet principled. Fastidious and focussed. Old salt sprinkled with dry wit.

Montage Julie

Julie Marker

Health Systems Consultant

Based in Adelaide, South Australia. Extensive experience across health sectors. Consumer Advocate. Committed and competent. Thorough and thoughtful.

What clients might say



Business Owner

"We have no regrets! Thoroughly professional". Exceeded even our expectations. Consulted and Delivered on time.

Henry Newbold

Henry Newbold

Independent Consultant

"Your organisation is truly outstanding. Efficient and effective. Simply a pleasure to work with."

Toni Baxter

Toni Baxter

Health Informatician

"Thank you for making our project painless, pleasant and most of all hassle free! I am so pleased with the collaboration."


Occasional thought

Welcome to 2021!

Welcome to Montage’s updated web site. After more than 21 years we’re still refreshing! Nothing if not responsive.

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